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We all know about rat race. Why you ask. Because all of us are in it. It doesn’t matter either you are a clerk or a business owner we all are on the same race. And if someone is not in it, they are most likely working hard to get into it.
Much has been said about rat race, it’s lure, functioning, origins and ways to get out of it.

If you have read Rich Dad, Poor Dad or almost any entrepreneurial book, chances are you know about it and are probably thinking of ways to get out of it…

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GIn the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, machine learning, quantum computing, and many other advanced computing developments many critics point to AI as the biggest to human kind, much bigger than climate change. While on the other hand, proponents of AI point that machines can never really replace us humans but only compliment our ability.

What does being a human entail?

It is in this context that we know what being human actually means. Basic essence of human beings is morality, which in turn flows from conscience among other things. Morality is the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. …

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For the past couple of months, I have been working pretty hard for an examination. In the starting it felt alright, I was full of optimism, motivation, and energy. But been in the cycle for 6 months of continuous study with only a few days break in a month or so; it feels exhausting and enervating.

There are a few things I understood in this past half an year of the rigorous exercise. These apply not only for students but also to entrepreneurs, businessmen, or any person who is following her ambition.

All dreams require effort and a lot of…

What does happiness mean to you? What is happiness? Is it a means or an end? These are various questions plaguing philosophers and normal people alike for centuries. In this article I will try to express my understanding of happiness.

The above quote fully explains my understanding and goal of happiness. It is not one long term goal to achieve or a checkbox to tick at the end of retirement. Its those small moments you spend everyday talking to your friends, family laughing like crazy, listening to your favorite song or writing an article.

In my opinion, life is short…

My dad received a call at 9pm from someone who was working under him a long time back. The call was an eye opener for me in many ways.

The guy on the other side of the call was asking my dad money for tuition fee for his daughter. At first I thought that it must be for college. But to our surprise, the guy was asking to pay for tuition of 2nd grade.

Imagine that for a second, a guy is calling around his seniors, colleagues to help him so that he can pay for his daughter’s education and…

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Recently I quit my job to study for a competitive exam and I have noticed something quite unique about what keeps me going daily towards a goal which is 2 years ahead of me.

Its the story I tell myself that after these 2 years of pain, there is a reward waiting for you — as simple as a reward of not having to study anymore to much more materialistic reward of buying a new smartphone or bike.

But more often than not, these long term rewards are not enough to keep one motivated. It takes short term doses of…

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When you hear the term Middle-East, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes, that’s right — “War”.

War on multiple fronts, with multiple factions and multiple vested interests. There is a war in Syria, one in Yemen and another in Iraq. In all these wars, there are two major parties or sides: Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The whole of Middle-East is trapped in a state of perpetual cold war which nobody knows how to solve. Iran gets involved because it wants to protect its national interests in the region and same is the reason for Saudi…

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John Rawls, one of the most influential philosophers, advised people to apply a “veil of ignorance” in decision making process while making important decisions. Veil of ignorance means imagining yourself to be behind this veil where you know nothing of your abilities and more importantly your place in society. Then while making a decision you have to make a decision such that it benefits you. If one puts oneself behind this veil, the decisions which will be taken will inevitably be done imaging oneself in the worst of circumstances.

This simple concept highlights the importance of coming out of the…


Famine refers to extreme shortage of food primarily due to supply shortages and less frequently due to in-efficient allocation of the existing supply combined with a policy failure to tackle the situation. The later was what happened in the Bengal famine of 1943.

Bengal has had its fare share of famines in the past including 1770, 1783 and 1897, but the most recent one, of which often British Raj is accused of was in 1943. The famine led to the death of around 3 to 4 million Indians, either due to starvation or due to famine related diseases. …

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Water, oxygen, sunlight, fire and earth are the five most important elements of life on earth. And amazingly the earth, by luck, has just the correct proportion of each of these five life enabling elements. Earth is neither too hot nor too cold, neither all water nor all gas. It is at a correct distance from the sun enabling just enough heat during the daytime. It has a mechanism to supply oxygen (plants) to humans and other living beings. And it has fertile soil for tress to grow.

Importance of water

Water is of such an importance in our life that John F…

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