We Gained 100,000 Subscribers in 3 Months on Youtube!

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Yes, this is absolutely right! We gained 100,000 subscribers in 3 months and during this journey, we have learned some youtube secrets which I think may be helpful for the new creators who are creating amazing content on youtube but somehow are not getting the proper reach on youtube.

We have created our channel in Sep 2020 with my friend Vatsalya Verma, it was a slow start and with too many ups and downs but during this time we learned and experienced a lot of things and I would like to share key learnings here-

Consistency is the KEY -

Make videos as much you can don't worry if you feel they are not good as you think or to your benchmark you follow, it will help in two major ways, First, you will start learning how to speak in front of the camera, and Second, your editing and camera skill will improve slowly, and you can see a clear difference in 1st video to 10th and 10th to 20th and so on…

Consistency also plays important role in the youtube algorithm, if you upload videos consistently youtube algorithm also promotes you.

Youtube Analytics-

Data plays important role in every field because data did not lie, to some people youtube analytics can be confusing. But I would like to tell 3 main metrics of youtube which can be important to lookout and can give you valuable insights.

1- CTR ( Click through Rate )- CTR is basically is the percentage of click-through to a total number of impressions, to get more clarity when you open youtube home you will see many videos options, and suppose you selected one video among them hence you have chosen that particular option among given to you, so each time youtube give your video opportunity to be selected is known as impression, Hence CTR is

CTR = (click-throughs / impressions) x 100

The Average CTR is between 6% to 8%, great CTR above 10%.

But what we can learn from CTR- High CTR means your video's Thumbnail and title are catch and grab eyes in given options low CTR means you have to work on the title and thumbnail, Here Title and thumbnails are like trailers to your videos so choose wisely.

2- Average view duration/ Retention Rate- Once the viewer selected the video now next important metric is Average view duration, for how much time you are able to grab the attention of the audience, the higher the average view duration, it means the audience is loving the content and youtube already knows content is king hence it automatically increases the impression recommending the videos to a larger audience larger impression means more views Valaah.

But how to get a high percentage view duration-

1- Plan the content, and choose precise words which can explain things in less time.

2- Initially make videos in between 5 to 7 min as it is easy to grab attention for around 2 to 3 min if your content is good, 2 or 3 min of 5 min video is around 50% average view duration, but if video length if large supposes 10 min it is only 30%.

3-Generally attention spam of audience is very weak if your content is long and off-topic they 100% skip you so stick to the point make precise content.

Watch Time- Watch time is a little bit different than average view duration as it is the total number of hours that a video is played, the ultimate goal of any video on YouTube should be to keep your audience watching as much of the video as you can.

To understand well please refer to the following Youtube Algorithm Experiment -

This video breaks the algorithm — Experiment

I broke the youtube algorithm — Explanation

Bonus Tip- Take full advantage of Youtube Shorts it gives amazing reach.

You will find some of your videos are doing better than others in terms of view, see what is common in those videos and try to make more videos on those topics ( Important tip- Try to make Title a little Catchy and consistence with some Key Words i.e PC tricks, Windows Tips we use these keywords in every video, these keywords are now associated with our channel in SEO ), Find your KEYWORDS also.

What to create- Create what you like or you wanted to make creating anything which you find is trending may be fruitful in short term but in long run, your love to create content is far more powerful than a few trending topics you want to create for views.

Make a list of content creators you follow or you wanted to create content like them, COPY them, Yes this is the truth, nothing is original in this world everything is copied from somewhere, there is no harm in copying but you have to understand the difference between copying and Stealing.

Copying is about reverse-engineering. It's like a mechanic taking apart a car to see how it works.

First, you have to figure out who to copy. Second, You have to figure out what to copy.

Who to copy- People who inspired you, people you want to be.

If you copy from one it is plagiarism and if you copy from many it is research.

Secondly, don't just copy try also to steal the thinking behind the process.

During this process one amazing thing will happen, there is a wonderful flaw about human beings is that we are incapable of making perfect copies.

During the process of making copies, you somehow discover your own style.

Apart from these things I also learned a few things about human behavior also which I think can help when you are working in a collaborative environment.

1- Don’t attach others' feedback to your EGO.

2- Listen to every feedback, sometimes they have no effectiveness but via listening, you can value their efforts.

3-Divide work you can’t do all things on your own.

4-Some people have different ways of working don't try to change them try to adapt.

If you want to visit our channel- Vgyan Don’t Forget to Subscribe! 😄





I’m a Content Creator, and Learning UX.I write about design, UX, content creation and, or any other topic that might pop up in my head.

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Prakhar Verma

Prakhar Verma

I’m a Content Creator, and Learning UX.I write about design, UX, content creation and, or any other topic that might pop up in my head.

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