Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

It is a trite and immutable law of nature that the only constant is that everyone will eventually become a VC and cat photos on the Internet drive views. In the meantime, there are more pedestrian forms of change.

At The Pramana Collective we have prided ourselves on creating an environment that entices the best public relations strategists to join us to take on the most interesting opportunities; and also to create a space where those who have served with us can find the next, perfect challenge in their career path. Today we have news that fulfills both of these axioms.

We are pleased to announce that Brendan Lewis has joined The Pramana Collective. Many of you know Brendan as an avid BASE jumper, polymath, rosé aficionado and velvet-wearing bon vivant. However some of you may be unaware that he is an accomplished communications leader with over fifteen years of experience in both global consumer and enterprise technology organizations. Most recently, Brendan led communications at Shazam and did the same at Foursquare in the years before. Brendan has also led teams at LivingSocial, Juniper and VeriSign.

Brendan brings unparalleled media connections and incisive strategic thinking to our current client base. Besides the professional abilities, I had the good fortune to work with Brendan in a previous life and I can tell you that he also enjoys the rarest of all rare qualities — Brendan is a decent person despite being a Thurman Munson fanboy. He suffers from little of the moral quandaries that plague so much of our society and it is obvious upon first meeting that Brendan’s sense of self makes him a natural leader. He has a terrific knack for building teams, exceeding expectations and doing it all without imperious, self-serving short cuts. Brendan will be building Pramana’s New York presence and will start in a couple of weeks.

As we’ve noted before, we believe and support the concept of “tours of duty” as we build and extend our Collective. With that, it is bittersweet for us to share that Eitan Bencuya has reached the end of his tenure with our team. Eitan was our first Principal and has been a bedrock in our formation. I had the good fortune to work with him at Google and to now have served with him over the last few years. I can tell you without equivocation that he is among the best in the business and we were incredibly lucky to work with him. Eitan will leave us in early July to pursue the next logical step in his career — leading a team for a promising new startup (stay tuned for more from him). Brandee, Sean and the entire team are saddened by his departure but buoyed in the knowledge that he has found his right next role.


Brian O’Shaughnessy


The Pramana Collective