Six Secrets To “High Vibes” In Your Home

“Life is supposed to be fun — it is supposed to feel good! You are powerful creators, and you are right on schedule. . . Savor more; fix less. Laugh more; cry less. Anticipate positively more; anticipate negatively less. . . . . Nothing is more important than that you feel good — just practice that and watch what happens.” ~Abraham Hicks

Everyday we are all influenced by so much outside noise and input that it can be so hard to figure out how WE feel. We are told how to feel by much of the world, family, friends, co-workers, and media, and it can be very confusing. But the important thing to know is that once you become aware and conscious of how you are feeling, you now have the power to shift your world.

Growing up, I had no idea about vibration or energy. I knew if I didn’t “feel” good or not, but I didn’t understand that this was something I could alter at any time. Pregnant with our first child, I instantly knew that it was so important to become more AWARE of our feelings, sensations, and thoughts. I didn’t know why or how to do this, but I knew that it was important.

When my hubby and I became parents 10 years ago, many things in our life shifted, including a desire to really understand who we truly are and our soul’s magnificence. As we remembered who we truly are, we have created many mindful new habits in our lives. We have shifted everything from our eating habits, to shifting our language and thoughts, and we have a new awareness around how we exist in the world today. Much of our energy work begins in our homes/living spaces.

We all have the ability to shift energy on a daily basis…here are some of our favorite ways to shift energy:

6 of the ways we “Raise & Maintain Positive Vibes” in our home are:


In our home (wherever we have lived), we have always played music. It is something that we both love and now our kids love it too. We often have 2 different types of music playing at all times: 1) Pandora-we have a variety of channels we enjoy and 2) high vibration/chakra aligning/spiritual alignment music. We leave this high vibration music on 24/7 at a low volume, but is always on in our spiritual room.

It is our constant reminder that we can take a deep breath, focus our energy and realign with our higher selves. Music has such a way of shifting energies. We are traveling now, and brought it with us…we even bring it on an iPod with speakers to any hotel room we stay in.

Music can compliment conversations you have in the home, but you have to be mindful of the words you use too. In our household, we have made a conscious decision to limit activities, language, and environments that bring our energy down or create negative energy. For example, when we had our daughters, a family member once said something negative in front of the girls and I said, “Please, we choose to watch what we say around the kids.” His response was this, “when did you become so PROPER?”

I admit, I have from time to time enjoyed using many descriptive swear words…normally it was doing a famous Eddie Murphy impression that I am very good at, however, having kids can instantly increase your awareness and make you think twice when speaking. It is sometimes hard for our family and friends to accept our decisions to shift to a more mindful life, however, there are such great, enormous health and life benefits so it is really worth it!


This is one of our larger salt lamps. Surrounding it are positive messages, crystals and candles.

We have salt lamps throughout our home. Salt lamps are also wonderful additions as night lights to any sleeping space. We have 2 in our bedroom. The orange light from the salt lamp helps increase melatonin production, a necessity for a good night’s sleep. They are so relaxing and also absorb negative energies, help with allergens and will charge a room with negative ions. These ions help protect us from all the electromagnetic frequencies that run through our homes.


Chakra crystals layout with clear quartz and Angel crystals surrounding them!

We have crystals throughout our home. These particular ones in the photo on the right are actually lined up to represent the 7 main Chakras or Energy Centers in our bodies. We also have Angel shaped crystals too.

Crystal healing has been around for centuries. Each type of crystal has a distinct healing ability. Working with crystals can help to restore stability and balance to our bodies and can stimulate the body’s natural healing systems.

We have crystals under our beds and crystal grids (1 clear quartz crystal in each corner of the room). When anyone is feeling less than 100%, we gather the most beneficial crystals and make a healing pack to keep near us when resting and healing.


Candles are wonderful for providing a beautiful warm light and helping us focus our attention. It can light up any room even during the daytime. Using a candle for meditation is especially helpful for the mind to have a focus point to concentrate on. We recommend using non-toxic, lead-free, soy candles. The best fragrance candles for healthy air would be ones scented with essential oils.


This is our Angel Worry and Wish Station! We love asking our Angel’s for help and guidance.

We have Angel and Buddha statues around our home to remind us that we are always connected to the Universe, our Source, and our higher selves. We have an Angel Worry Dish, where we write our worries and/or concerns down and place it in the bowl for the Angels to assist and guide us. An example of a concern we gave to the Angels is our oldest daughter wanted to feel safer losing her teeth… We wrote it down and released her worries to the Angels. We have an Angel Wing dish to place dreams and ideas we wish to create and manifest in as well.


This is our spiritual room!! We spend so much time in here and come in here to relax, read, meditate, connect, have family discussions and just enjoy ourselves! We have crystals, salt lamps, books, & chakra/mediation music playing at all times!

Even though we have touches of all of these sacred items in many areas of the house, in every home or living space we now create one whole room or area that is our “Spiritual Room.” This actually became our version of a time-out or reconnection area. Whenever we have some time to sit, you can find any or all of us in here.

You really can RAISE YOUR VIBES anywhere, anytime. Once you practice, you can even sit in your car for 30 seconds before you begin driving, or sit before you get out of the car wherever you are. Take a few deep breaths, finish a favorite song and just ALIGN YOUR ENERGY! Just like kids often need transition time or warnings before the next activity begins, treat yourself to a transition time between errands, work, activities or LIFE itself! Give yourself a PRANA BOOST ANYTIME ANYPLACE!!

P.S. The 7th Secret to High Vibes is: LAUGHTER!! Honestly, we have so many it was hard for me to stop at this many secrets!! Try some out or create your own!

Originally published at on April 25, 2014.

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