Book Review: Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya — Ideology and Perception — Integral Humanism

An exposition of the Philosophy of Integral Humanism (PIH). Marked by much better fluency of language and thought than Book 1.

PIH is essentially Indian culture in action, but the book does not encourage comparison and critique of PIH with Western philosophies. And yet it continuously derides and denigrates Western philosophies as being either inadequate or completely wrong, and in all cases materialistic.

This is not just myopic thinking but a misrepresentation of facts. The thinkers of the RSS and Jana Sangh do not seem to understand the essence of ideas like freedom of expression, separation of church and state, rule of law etc. They focus only on the problems caused by these ideas while examining the ideas only peripherally. There are calls for the overhauling of the Indian Constitution at least twice. This is dangerous territory. The thinkers do not seem to understand that they cannot provide alternative socioeconomic and sociopolitical systems with PIH — it will only be useful as a guiding principle for individuals. Our socioeconomic and sociopolitical systems are essentially Western and this has emancipated the Indian nation and society a lot, in my opinion.

There is a great deal of contempt in the book for anything Western. In fact this ethnocentrism is the oxygen the book needs to propound the PIH as the one perfect and complete philosophy.

I will still give the book three stars because of clarity of thoughts expressed and fluency of language.