Venture Capital and Blockchain Technology in Boston’s Startup Culture

Photo: © rabbit75_fot

When people think of Boston, several things typically come to mind: cravings for clam chowder, the iconic Fenway Park, and the exaggerated “BAston” pronunciation from strangers. Lately, the city that spawned companies as diverse as Gillette and DraftKings is becoming known for its vibrant startup culture that’s launching dozens of new companies each year.

This is not surprising.

Our city has twice been named the top startup community in the U.S. by the “Innovation that Matters” report compiled by the organization 1776 and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

This fact is not lost on entrepreneurs. According to The Boston Globe, 1,869 startups are operating in Boston, and those numbers continue to increase as our venture capital scene becomes more competitive with other startup hubs including San Francisco and New York. In terms of actual investment dollars, San Francisco leads the nation, but Bloomberg’s assessment of regional startup investment found that Boston places near the top of the list in each of the last several years. This year, Boston’s venture capital initiatives jumped 15%, surpassing New York City for second place in the national rankings.

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