History of Shaniwar wada

Class : VIII

Number of lectures: 3 + Half day field trip

Apparatus required: Student handout, Lesson plan, Lesson

Each lecture duration : 35 mins

Learning Objective:

  1. To know the history of Shaniwar wada
  • Important dates and events
  • Architecture and construction with its importance

2. To identify current problems with the maintenance of this heritage site and come up with solutions.

3. Prepare a script at the end of the lesson for tourists based on the historical importance and also addressing current problems.

Lesson plan:

DAY 1 (35 mins)

Activity 1 : Ask and discuss with students about events they have been to in Shaniwar wada (Cultural, Light shows, festival ) (15 mins)

Talk about cultural importance of Shaniwar wada

Activity 2 : Discuss about the current status and identify problems of Shaniwar wada (10 mins)

Talk about current dissappointing state of Shaniwar wada

Activity 3 : Ask students to think of solutions over the identified problems (10 mins)

What should/can be done to improve scenario?

Home assignment 1 : Ask students to ask parents, grandparents and neighbors regarding the stories they know about Shaniwar wada (which will include stories about construction, destruction, recent ghost stories, Narayan rao’s story)

DAY 2 (35 mins)

Activity 4 : Pick a few students and ask them to narrate the stories they have got and look for pointers to brief them about the history (10 mins)

Talk about history of Shaniwar wada which should include (15 mins)

  1. Construction and related stories

2. King and his kingdom

3. Architecture and construction with importance (Activity 5 before explaining this point)

4. British peroid

5. Destruction

6. Narayan rao’s assassination

Activity 5 : Ask students to imagine that they are in the 18th century and they have to build Shanivar wada. Considering the technological interventions available at that point in India. Design Shanivar wada fort, so that you are able to defend the fort from enemies attack. Let them think wild for few minutes and then

Introduce these scenarios gradually:

  1. Enemies can have elephants with them

2. If the man force with the enemies is huge, how can you restrict them at the entrance?

3. If they enter in, how can you slow them down after they enter, so that you can attack them?

Explain the architecture and construction details based on the points above. (10 mins)

Home assignment 2 :

Divide the class in groups of 5 students in each group. Based on the history discussed , problems identified and solutions discussed in class, Ask students to prepare a 15 minutes long script for tourists. The objective of the script is to explain historic importance of Shaniwar wada and also create awareness about the dissappointing state of this heritage site. The student should be provided by the handout of structure for the script. Ask students to make a mock presentation in class next day.

DAY 3 (35 mins)

Ask students to present in class. Help them in presentations and improving the scirpt. Objective of class mock presentation is to give them confidence for the presentation on field. Boost their confidence by valuable and motivating comments on their script.

Field visit
  1. Identify artefacts, construction and architectural details of the fort palace.

2. Demonstrate script to tourists

  1. Teacher’s copy : Reading material for teacher can be found here
  2. Student’s copy: Template for script which is to be made as an assignment can be found here
  3. PDF file to print of the same lesson plan can be found here
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