Debunking Two Running Myths

In his most recent roles as president, chief executive officer, and board director of QLogic Corporation, technology executive Prasad Rampalli was responsible for executing the company’s growth strategy and operational transformation roadmap. In his leisure time, Prasad Rampalli enjoys staying in shape and is an avid runner.

Running is a great activity, both for leisure and fitness. However, there are certain misconceptions that exist about how to get the most out of one’s running practice. With that said, here are two myths about running and why they aren’t true.

Stretching is often an important warm up component for athletes in most sports, but for runners it can actually be counterproductive to stretch before a run — at least static stretching. Rather than the traditional stretches that are performed by holding a certain pose, it’s much more beneficial for a runner to warm up with dynamic stretching moves such as lunges, straight leg kicks and high knees.

Some will say that running every day is a non-negotiable for serious runners, but as it turns out, that’s not necessarily so. Pushing one’s self to run every day can result in overtraining, burnout, or even injury. It’s often helpful to take one day off per week in favor of another type of activity to keep the workouts fresh and the body energized.

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