Three Tips for Running Your First Marathon

Prasad Rampalli was the CEO, president, and a board member of QLogic, a storage and data networking company in Aliso Viejo, California. When he’s not working, Prasad Rampalli enjoys running, marathon running in particular. Marathon running is physically demanding, so if you’re planning your first marathon, keep these tips in mind to ensure your best results:

1. Hydrate While Running- Former runner and registered dietitian Suzanne Girard Eberle suggests drinking the same energy drink during training that you plan to use on marathon day. If you can, figure out where the drink stations will be and practice with that in mind, drinking at the same rate you will be drinking during the marathon.

2. Do Strength Training Exercises- But wait, you’re running a marathon! Doing some relatively light core strength training helps give your muscles the endurance to keep pushing later in the race. Try axe chops, body saws, and the unilateral carry.

3. Know and Keep Your Pace- Use training time to find your rhythm, or the speed at which you’re running as fast as you can without tiring out too quickly. It may be tempting to overshoot at the start of the race, but you probably won’t be able to hold the faster pace for the full marathon, so pacing yourself may prevent doing worse overall.

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