User Experience Inspirations #1

Before I start this post, I want to make one thing clear: I will never discredit the value of good, honest hard work done by UI/UX Designers. Whenever I saw great designs I used to take screenshots or I will save particular design links in my directory, Why because I am a Front End Developer with a passion for thoughtful UI.

Most of the time i will try to develop those designs. And we already know that “Designers will design, developers will develop”. But what if Designers will come up with stuff like that does’t exist and you have never think about it - which makes people go “WOW that’s awesome!”

You know what :) even designers will go mad about developers if they where able to match as it is like design.

Taking User Experience as inspiration, here i am going to share one of my recent work — Password Guide. As I told like i will never discredit the hardwork done by designers, @Saptarshi Prakash is the designer, who recently posted dribble shot by saying “Ever got annoyed by the ‘high standards’ of password you are bound to set these days? Here is a concept of a small delighter. Well, it does solve some problem as well.”

And here is my developed and deployed UI in React for the above design —

Password Guide

@Saptarshi Prakash — Just by saying thanks is not enough for your design, why because it solves and gives potential guide for setting password via guide :)

I will try to post as many developed snippets with design and designer from my collection here by taking User Experience as Inspiration.

Thank you :)

Prasanth Kumar Lalapeta

Written by

Mission-driven front end developer with a passion for thoughtful UI. I want to make things that make a difference.

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