Mom a worm?

Well HELL YES!!! isn’t that what she always tries to be? Bugging me like a worm!!
let me narrate you what happened…It was finally tenth standard. Yeah, those suck..its the world end for Indian students. So after studying all the year and sacrificing( by that I mean no sacrifice except not seeing Game of thrones season 1 again) I asked mom for a laptop and some books(novel). Don’t I deserve it?
YES, I do! so I went to her and asked for it, and here is what I get as a reply.
“you have done really well son this year and you do deserve a laptop and some books…BUT( I hate when she say that word because I know it’s a signal of an incoming problem) you have to agree to a FEW( mark that word) instructions.
1- You do not get to see Netflix more than half n hour. (DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?) 
2- Everyday two hours of exercise in the morning 
3- One hour to play with friends(That’s a torture)
4- NO laptop more than an hour!!!!
100- The only books you get are classics and no WIMPY KID (you know what? I’ll read them online).

See that’s what happen when you ask mom instead of dad!!
Okay, now you know why I am writing this right? but I found something lately that’s making me change my view of mom being a worm. 
Yah you are probably thinking such an idiot! wrote this much just to say that you have changed your mind? well yes, I found this poem that I had was my life’s first poem! Wanna see?

It’s 12 am,
And I am sprawling on my bed 
Been past two hours and no sleep yet!
When something came under my head,
Felt like having siesta’s in my summer bed!
A warm cozy place it was, to sleep
Was my mumma’s lap.

Where heaven is found,
Not even above the thundercloud!
Itself it comes…
The god’s bed down.
Again it felt under my head,
A warm cozy place it was, to sleep
Was my mumma’s lap!

-Prashil Shah’s it? comment about it in the comments!
Well, thinking about it I realize…Yah there are times when I can’t sleep and if I have my mom’s lap under my head it feels better! it feels heaven! 
You might be girl loves me more than my mom, I can sleep even on her lap just as much lovingly. But guess what, that’s no fun! Try all the world, you might find people, who you feel, love you more than your mom but no! One thing she has does that no one can ever do!! by that I even mean GOD. Yah it’s called save your ass by putting mine into trouble! And even thing clean your shit!(I do mean literally shit!). Yes go ask your girl, hey I got motions..will you help me? The answer is, what about breakup?
Isn’t it becoming more and more obvious that we are disrespecting our moms? I mean she didn’t allow me to go out and play so she is the worst mom? I want to play with my friends and not come with family for a dinner even when mom persists, and you say why do I have to do things you force me to do? But I guess we are forgetting that there were times when she wanted to go out but we were small and she had to take care with no choice left! And she did that happily! 
​I urge you to go and spend more time with your mothers as it will not be late when you will miss those days but she will not be there!
Please comment below, how was the post? It is my first post!!!

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