Stillness of the night

I was gazing out of the window late in the night.
Surrounded by the trees of wild…
Everything set with the tranquil of the night,
Not even a leaflet wiggled under the serene moonlight.

Crickets chirping amidst the dense woods 
Wolves were howling for their daily food…
When thirsty mother got its first drop of water that came falling down.!
Spread petrichor in the ambiance now.

Water completely over Gaia’s body.
When everything was set again so quietly…
Fluffy clouds clearing the area with agility 
Hoisting the dense black sky for starring the panoramic beauty!
Eternal sky flooded with stars like grains of sand.
Milky way seemed so breathtakingly grand!

That night I witnessed the majestic beauty of quietness.
But I had to close the windows with discontentment.
That experience I’ll never forget what I call…