Space-O Launches A New Website

Space-O’s New Website

July 2, 2015

Space-O Technologies, a leading mobile apps development company, is celebrating its 5th anniversary, as on 2nd July, 2015.
However, this year Space-O has found a unique way to memorialize its 5th year.

They have launched a very new, freshly designed and innovative website.

Taking a whole year to make sure no flaws hinder the path of this website, now it is online. This website marks a new phase, a new beginning in the timeline of events that have so marked each year of progression.

This website is made with intricate care, making sure the user never gets lost. It also provides quick links, to make the surfers reach the right page in just a few clicks. Also every page, of the 500+ pages website, is designed differently. Each of the pages has a different layout, keeping in mind the User Interface and the message that page conveys.

The focus has actually been on User Experience, improved functionality, being device responsive and rich content. This website can help any and every client/user to reach the right solution or the right conclusion.

Spare a look at the brand new face of Space-O Technologies

Change is constant.” Sticking to this quote, Space-O will upgrade the website regularly. With this refinement, we’re aiming at reforming the ways of assisting clients in an exceptional manner.

About Space-O:
A leading Mobile App Development firm was first established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Space-O now has offices in U.S.A, Siberia and Vietnam. In and within these five years, Space-O has created more than 1500 Apps and has grown from being a company of 2 people to an enterprise of 200 dedicated employees.

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