My Opinion on Odd Even Rule in Delhi

Message from a Concerned Citizen on Odd Even Rule:

Phase II of Odd Even Rule has been rolled out in Delhi, Day 1 of Odd Even rule has passed. This reminds me how we use to count days during board exams (Delhite are waiting for April 30th 2016). Few people think, it is a creative concept and others think it is not a great idea to solve traffic and congestion problem in Delhi. I don’t stay in Delhi anymore and I’m very thankful especially after looking this odd even rule. I’m not sure what others think about it but I believe there are various other smart options to solve or work towards traffic and congestion problem. At least, one thing is clear that we can’t solve these problems in one day or week. There is no quick win for such a problem.

Before reading this further — Please keep politics aside and put on your thinking cap.

I don’t want to blame Delhi Govt. (@Arvind Kejriwal) for these problems. At least, they took the initiative (bad or good doesn’t matter) to solve these problems in Delhi. We should all be thankful for this thought. Traffic problem and Pollution is just going to get worse in Delhi in coming years so it is important that Delhi Govt. implement/deploy some creative solutions to tackle these problems.

Do you all think Odd Even is the final answer for this? I don’t think so.

I believe, better way to approach these problems is to conduct a study and find the root cause for traffic and pollution problem. Example: Break down the problem and we might get an answer (solution) for it

  • Why do we have peak hours (8am to 9am/ 4:30pm to 5:30pm)?

We are trying to reach at certain place (School or Office) during these peak hours. Start time is fixed for these places because of which we have peak traffic hours.

  • Can we change school and office timings?

Yes, timings can be changed/controlled for schools, college and govt. offices

  • How time difference/gap should be built to reduce traffic jams?

It could be an hour difference in start time and automatically end time will change too. Resulting in less traffic due to spread out of peak hour traffic.

Similarly, let’s look at an example for pollution problem

  • Who is the major contributor in pollution? Is it traffic?

Let’s assume “Yes” for traffic now. Even though, I don’t think traffic is major contributor here but this point might requires little more research.

  • Which type of vehicles is contributing more in pollution? Petrol or Diesel?

Let’s say “Diesel” vehicles are major contributor

  • What can we do to replace or reduce these vehicles?

Few solutions (thought about it in just 10 mins):

Encourage smart vehicle in Delhi region — Could be less/no road tax, more charging stations, priority lanes etc.

Establish cargo routes (trucks) with pollution check points for vehicles entering in Delhi.

Enhance public transport system and work towards deploying smart vehicles in city.

And there could be many others….

Odd Even rule is great for short term — I wish, we could have done this during Delhi Common Wealth Games.

This is just my two cents being a concerned citizen — I hope some one with authority gets to see this message and takes right approach for solving these problems.

Please don’t forget to conduct “Jan Sabha” to measure the success of Odd Even rule. Newspapers can only report what they see but not what people feel about it.

From — New Biggie

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