Netiquette: Etiquette everyone should practice online.

Social media is one of the best invention of mankind. It gives users among many, freedom to share photos, videos, statuses, opinions, and stay connected with friends and family. social media is also a meritocracy, which means you get better social engagement (i.e. likes, comments and shares) for posting good meaningful content. With that level of freedom given to every user it is important to follow good Etiquette online, also know as Netiquette (internet Etiquette) to ensure your social media presence is being appreciated. After all, everything you post online is a reflection of you.

To help you become a become a better online citizen I have outlined a list of netiquette you should follow next time you’re on social media.

1. Ask yourself, “would I do/say this in real life?”

Before posting anything online ask yourself, “would I do this in real life?”, “would I be okay with my employer seeing this?”, “would I say it to the person’s face?”. If you answer no to any or all of these questions, you should not post it online. Often people forget that the social media is not a new world where anything goes. The words, photos or videos shared on social media is there forever and can be saved and brought up later and can come back to haunt you.

2. Don’t use social media under influence!

Never post anything online when you are under influence. This include not posting anything while drunk, angry, happy, lust, or under substance. Always ask yourself, am I using this for my emotional dumping ground? You don’t want to send a mean tweet, post a drunk pic or send something private that you can’t take back.

3. Use proper grammar!

Make sure your grammar is sound. I’m not saying that you have to have the best grammar to post anything online but make sure what you are trying to portray is sound and easy to understand. often we use too many abbreviation and emoji’s. you may be familiar with these jargon but you have to understand that you are trying to convey a message so keep the emoji’s and abbreviation to the minimal.

4. Respect

Firstly, you must respect other’s privacy which includes not sharing pictures, videos, or any information online without their permission. If you want to share something associated with someone (i.e a Picture with them) ask them for permission before posting it online.

You should also respect other peoples time. Most people have other things in their life like family, work, and school. So it is important to respect their time and respond back to them as soon as possible. A general rule to follow would be

· 1 min to respond to a on going conversation

· 1 hr to respond to a text

· 1 day to respond to a email

5. Share meaningful content

your social media account is a platform to express yourself. So, share your unique pictures, videos, ideas, experience, and anything you might find interesting.

6. Have Fun!!! :)

with countless memes to explore you can never be bored online, so enjoy your journey!!!

-Prasiddha KC

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