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What is a password manager?

A password manager is a software or hardware that organizes, stores and encrypts user’s password. Password manager usually require users to create a master password, a strong password that grants access to the password database. There are two type of password managers: offline password manager; these password managers store passwords on the user’s computer and online password manager; these password managers store passwords on the cloud. The main functionality of password managers is to securely store collections of user’s password, however many managers like Lastpass and Dashlane provide additional features like form filling and password generation.

Why should you use password manager?

Password managers have a reputation of being one of the best way to have strong online security because with password manager, users no longer need to memorize passwords for each individual website, it allows users to use long complicated unique password for each site. Most password managers also use encryption technology locked by master password meaning, no one else can view the password except the users themselves. Most password manager also have additional features like auto form filling and password generation thus making users life even more easier and secure.

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Now that I’ve convinced you to use password manager you might be wondering what are the best password managers in the market. I’ve compiled a list of 3 of the best and most popular password manager in the market with a short description of their features to help your decision making much easier.

1. lastpass

source : Lastpass

Lastpass is the most famous and the most widely used password manager available in the market. This the best password manager in my opinion, it makes it really easy for users to store all of their passwords online synced with all of user’s other devices. Lastpass also helps users generate strong passwords, and automatically changes passwords for you on request. Lastpass also supports two-factor authentication for your passwords making online accounts even more stronger. Lastpass also have number of additional features like secure password storage and sharing, notification when site you have an account with has been hacked, tools for autofill and streamline online shopping and much more. Lastpass also supports windows, Linux, android, iOS, and blackberry. It also has plugins for chrome, Firefox, safari, opera, and internet explorer. Lastpass is free to use but if you wish to upgrade to its premium services with some extra features the charge is only $12/year.

2. Dashlane

source : Dashlane

Dashlane is one of the newer password manager that was launched in 2012 but has risen to prominence because of it sharp and easy to use interface. Dashlane’s features include simple security, easy auto-login, form auto-fill and logging of purchases and orders from online shops. It also has features like two-factor authentication, ability to share password with emergency contacts, and the ability to change multiple passwords on dozens of websites with only few clicks. Dashlane also notifies users if any the user has an account on a site that is hacked. With password generator and built in password changer, users have the ability to reset their password to a new one that is unique, strong code without leaving the interface. Dashlane also has purchase tracking and digital wallet to make online shopping more secure and easier. Dashlane supports windows, OS, Android and IOS and has plugins for chrome, Firefox, internet explorer and safari. The only draw back is that a Dashlane premium needs to be purchased in order for the password to synced across all of users devices for $40/year.

3. Keepass

source : keepass

Keepass is a free password manager that is also open sourced. Keepass stores user’s password inside an encrypted database that only the users can control, in their own system. Keepass doesn’t upload or sync user’s password unless they want to make a copy it in each of their devices. Keepass is a very portable app, meaning it's easy to take them everywhere with something as simple as, for example user’s USB drive. Keepass also has a password generator, to help users generate strong unique password for each login. Keepass also has a password database that can be configured with multiple keys so one can share access among other users.

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