Who gains out of your outrage?

Miki’s Instagram Post

Miki Agrawal, founder of several companies, author, inventor and overall boss lady drops an essential truth bomb and you need to read it right now!

Outrage gives permission to more outrage = good for media. 
Outrage ignites more outrage = great for media. 
Outrage is negative and upsetting which fires up the “fight or flight” part of our brain = perfect for media. 
Outrage for the sake of outrage = excellent for media. 
Who mostly wins from outrage? The media. 
This yellow journalism has got to stop. It’s giving rise to more bigotry, more hatred, more fear, more separateness, more “us against them”. All headlines are inflamed, often untrue (or have a hint of truth — like a movie that is “loosely based on a true story”) and created to get a rise out of us and make us more scared of each other. They test out which headlines make you click and the most outrageous ones always win so these are now our headlines that are bought and sold by ad dollars and ones that you believe to be true. 
Outrage is only effective if there is a real, tangible action attached to the things shouted at us (by the media). Yes, it’s important to have deep debates about issues that are not right in our society and it’s more than obvious to be angry at the things that were done to oppressed communities and to share that upset. But the more action we can take (attending things like the women’s march or showing up at JFK to support immigrants or volunteering is considered taking tangible action!), the faster we can disrupt the status-quo thinking and see real change. Being just “outraged” isn’t it. It’s way too passive and easy (and so damn trendy these days). Writing an instagram post about how outraged you are (if you don’t do anything else) isn’t going to change society. It’s what trolls do. We’re better than that! Let’s take real action and find real organizations that are actually doing something about the things that we are outraged by and let’s put our Netflix accounts on hold and actually DO the things. It’s just so easy to talk and write a quick post about how “outraged we are” but are then “too busy” to actually do something. My immigrant parents taught me that when you see a problem, DO something about it. Outrageous rant over.

(Source: Instagram)

I couldn’t have written it better, even if I tried. This is the only rant that I’ve both vehemently agreed with and thoroughly enjoyed!

Two key takeaways:

  1. People lie, and journalists are people too! 
    Take the news you read with a pinch of salt. Analyse data, look at the facts, don’t get enraged by opinions, have multiple information sources and do your own research.
  2. Take action!
    As you use social media to express your outrage, also use it to connect with organization working towards the causes you care about and help out.

Miki Agrawal, you’re awesome, keep doing cool sh*t, and please keep writing about it!

Miki Argrawal’s awesomeness