Is It Worth Learning Apache Solr?

Apache Solr is an open-source search platform that is employed to create search applications. it had been designed on prime of Lucene.

Apache Solr is enterprise-ready, quick and extremely ascendable. The applications designed victimisation Solr are refined and deliver high performance.
Its latest version, Solr 6.0, was discharged in 2016 with support for execution of parallel SQL queries.

Solr may be used in conjunction with Hadoop. As Hadoop handles an oversized quantity of knowledge, Solr helps us find the specified data from such an outsized source. Not solely search, Solr can even be used for storage purpose. Like alternative NoSQL databases, it’s a non-relational information storage and process technology.

Features of Apache Solr:

Restful Apis —To communicate with Solr, it’s not obligatory to own Java programming skills. Instead, you’ll use quiet services to communicate with it. we have a tendency to enter documents in Solr in file formats like XML, JSON and .CSV and find ends up in equivalent file formats.

Full-text search — Solr provides all the capabilities required for a full-text search like tokens, phrases, spell check, wildcard, and auto-complete.

Enterprise ready — in keeping with the requirement of the organisation, Solr is deployed in any reasonably systems (big or small) like standalone, distributed, cloud, etc.

Flexible and protractible — By extending the Java categories and configuring consequently, we will customise the elements of Solr simply.

NoSQL database — Solr may be used as huge information scale NOSQL info wherever we will distribute the search tasks on a cluster.

Admin Interface — Solr provides associate degree easy-to-use, easy, feature power-driven, programme, exploitation that we will perform all the potential tasks like manage logs, add, delete, update and search documents.

Highly scalable — while exploitation Solr with Hadoop, we will scale its capability by adding replicas.

Text-Centric and Sorted by relevance — Solr has generally accustomed search text documents and therefore the results are delivered in keeping with the connection with the user’s query so as.