My Start with Python

To start off, as Simon Sinek would say — Start with WHY:

I’ve always been keen to learn and try new things, I want to take this opportunity to talk about my passion, sport and how computer science is starting to inter-link with it. To also further develop and learn from others working in different areas/ disciplines.

I don’t have a CS education/ background, but have grown into the role I have now. I’m working at a Sports Tech start-up based in london, who work with some of the biggest sports teams in the world!

Excited to share my journey on how I push on with my technical development and build cool things.

Having studied Sport & Exercise Science at Loughborough I always saw myself working in sport. Following my graduation I had the chance to gain research experience at the University of Bath, and where I first started to learn R.

It all changed for the better in April 2016, where I started at the company I am at now.

I’ve developed my technical ability and am lucky to call myself a Data Scientist. I’ve built a foundation on SQL, Python & R (standard DS stack!) over the last year or so.

Reaching a point now where I can do some cool things — Slack Chat Bots that can tell you the weather, to pulling data in from all over the place and modelling ML algorithms like Neural Nets!

But with these posts (which I’ll try to do weekly) I will share my journey and development on how I am using Python in elite sport to do more cool things!

Data sources and some code will be anonymized/ omitted depending on the case but instances where I pull data from a public source, I will share the code.

I’m keen to learn, so for those with good knowledge of Python if you think there’s a better way to do something or see any mistakes in code please comment/ share your thoughts!

I’ll look to make this as interesting as I can. For anyone with suggestions on things to do and/ or questions feel free to comment/ message me.



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