What kind of adult do you want to be?

My first promotional cycle in office is over. This also means that I have successfully completed one year in my new office. Was it a good, simple year of just good things? Unfortunately not. But what I have learnt in these days and how I leverage the said things may become responsible for the rest of my days.

I have never met a child who does not want to grow up and become an adult as soon as possible. And I have hardly met a middle aged person who does not reminisce about the simpler days of childhood. As a kid we are mostly idealists. We believe that we shall change the world and as we keep getting older, we learn to compromise. We compromise on our dreams, on our expectations from ourselves, on our health and so on and so forth. With each small compromise the world chips away at the idealist inside, till the sculpture of a fatalist or realist arises. As a kid, I used to abhor the term, realist. Or pragmatist. I did not believe in holding back my dreams. I don’t think any kid does.

This makes me believe that the next few days are crucial in figuring out what kind of adult I want to become. Do I become the ideal person whom I envisioned of myself as a kid? Or do I choose to join the ranks of countless others who shall always blame the situations for every single result they encounter throughout the life? Do I want to fight for about the things that I believe in or do I turn a blind eye because that would be the simpler, easier way to live life as an adult? Do I become another passive viewer of the things as they are or do I take the tough calls to shape myself, mould myself by training my reactions and my beliefs?

I have been sitting on the fence for a long time now and today is when I say, Enough!

There is more to life than just being. Because of the kind of books that I have read and the kind of conversations that I have grown up with, I am a bit of an intense person. I like discussions about policy, human rights. I have an opinion about war. I am pro/against- certain views. I like seriousness in art, in movies and in music also to a certain extent. This can be slightly exhausting to me as well as to the people I am around with.

Being an adult is seriously tiring business and that is the sole reason that multiple industries of mindless indulgences continue to flourish for centuries. Because adults want to escape, they want some respite from the tiredness they feel as part of adulthood. But does this mean, I should stop caring? I should stop reading the kind of content that helps me form an opinion? Do I start watching mind numbing series of sitcoms? I have nothing against them. If someone enjoys a certain kind of entertainment, they should continue to enjoy these but the question is what if you do not? What if you are conditioned by everyone around you to settle for things that are easy and do not require you to put more of yourself out in the world to be hurt by others.

I choose to be the idealist.

I choose to work on things that matter to me. I choose to follow my dreams to the end. I choose to see more dreams. The ones that seem too crazy to be true. I choose to continue to expect more from me. And more from you. I choose to fight and lose for things that matter everyday. Because who knows, maybe I shall win 5 out of the 365 battles I choose to go to and the results of these five victories would be enough to soothe the bruises of the other 360 battles. The more I fight, the better I will get at it. The better I get at fighting, higher the number of victories.

With at-least 15 more years of life left in me, don’t you think I would be able to make a tiny dent in the universe? Is this not reason enough for us to choose the ideal adult of our childhood dreams?
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