Have there ever been any battles that had zero (or close to zero, low teens) deaths and overall low casualties?

I wonder why no one mentioned Battle of Longewala .

The battle was fought during Indo-Pakistan war of 1971 and involved 120 soldiers(Army + Border Security Force) from Indian side fighting against approximately 1200 Pakistani soldiers supported by Motorized Infantry and 45 Sherman and T-59 tanks.

Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri was the commander of ‘A’ company of 23rd Battalion,Punjab Regiment and was responsible for the security of Longewala post in Thar desert. Confronted with news of Pakistani force marching toward his post, he was given two choice either to retreat or defend the parameter. He decided to stay and fight.

Only advantage that Indian have was of their strong defensive position. Apart for being outnumbered Indian soldiers were outgunned, with no tanks. They only had a section of MMG’s, 1 Jeep mounted M40 recoilless rifle and 81mm mortars.

Brigadier (then Major) Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, MVC : Hero of the battle

India strategy was to keep Pak army engaged at fair distance from their post and wait for the air support. Indian fighters lacked night vision device during 1971 and therefore were unable to support Army.

Although massively outnumbering the Indian defenders, and having surrounded them, the Pakistani troops were unable to advance over open terrain on a full-moon night,under small arms and mortar fire from the outpost. This encouraged the Indians not to give up their strong defensive position, frustrating the Pakistani commanders. As dawn arrived, the Pakistan forces had still not taken the post, and were now having to do so in full daylight.

At the crack of dawn, India Air Force was back in action. Pakistani anti-aircraft guns range were limited and Indian jets targeted them unopposed.With Pakistani tanks destroyed and their morale low Army launched a counter attack forcing Pakistani army to retreat back.


Long story short 200 Pakistan loss stood at 200 soldiers, 34 tanks and 500 armored vehicles.

On Indian side, Army lost two soldiers and BSF lost five of the ten camels. Camels were used by BSF to petrol Indo Pak border at Thar desert.

Soldiers doing bhangra on a captured Pakistani tank


Bollywood movie Border is based on this battle. However for dramatic purpose they exaggerated Indian side casualty.

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