Inside the Mind of a Common Man

Who is a common man?

The poor, the rich, the sick, the kind, and everyone who yearns for a better world.

A common man is a tax payer. He is a citizen. A citizen who desires for nothing more but to be able to earn his own living, not anyone else’s — just his own, and be able to feed his children. He wants to go out on the street for a late night walk and not have to watch his back every next step. He is someone who wants to be able to see a policeman and say hello, maybe wish a good-day, without any annoyance from the latter.

A common man does not seek for something out of the ordinary. He just wants to have a common natural life, well within his civil rights.

A common man is innocent when he desires for peace. He is innocent when he wants his country to prosper.

But a common man worries. Personal aside, he worries about his country. He worries about the future. He hates to have been dumbfounded, by the very people he trusted, with not just his life, but also his country.

The future of the coming generations, with the dignified name in the history — slowly now on the verge of perish by the very vote he casted.

He tries to console himself with the falsified sense of comfort, dares to deny the darkness that has toll upon the land he was born and raised in. But, every time he sees an innocent child going about, he asks himself, “for how long?” He reckons the truth. Seeing the vote he casted, now in the form of sharks in the TV infuriates him. Empty mindedness in the hoaxes they presume reminds him that the very purpose of their seats has been oblivion to them now.

Yes, they assume he is dumb. They think it’s the stupidity that has forced him to remain silent despite the unjust wreckage of the country, they have managed to cause. They think its okay to con the general public. The same people who have bestowed upon them the right to organize and lead. They are sure that he will be silent even if he sees through their uncanny demeanor.

What they fail to realize is, that the silence is not the acceptance of the evil. They are mistaken when they think that the shallowness of their character can be hidden by the pretense of comfort.

But a common man is not stupid, merely innocent at best. He sees through the false pretense and has suppressed his anger out of fear of the worst. He’s been watching and listening and trying to understand; what is it so “common” about him? What is it that makes them appealing?, Why are they the representation of the COMMON people.

They are guilty of the gross misrepresentation of the fact that he is common. But they fail to calculate in their stubborn heads, “how far?” How far are they going to push him? How far will a common man allow himself to be pressed? And the answer is very near. The greatest revolutions in the world were caused by a man once common. Che Guevara, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi were once just a common man living about.

It only takes a gust of wind to bring down a giant tree when it’s been pushed beyond restoration.

“If we put our trust in the common sense of common men and ‘with malice toward none and charity for all’ go forward on the great adventure of making political, economic and social democracy a practical reality, we shall not fail.”
 ― Henry A. Wallace

The foundation he trusted with the hope of making political, economic and social democracy a practical reality has largely backfired. He has remained patient enough, even when there was a ruckus in the Constitutional Assembly, even when excuses after excuses were made to postpone the grand celebration of law and order and freedom.

But, they seem to disregard that even the great Roman Empire doomed, the British colonization and the Hitler’s reign fell crashing down when the time was due.

For, it is only the patience of common man, which is bound to run its expiry date.

The only thing that has managed to hold the cataclysm in his mind is Hope. The human nature has compelled him to see a dim light of hope in the dark tunnel this country has been turned into. And, he genuinely hopes that the sharks somehow magically and miraculously transform into the kind-human friendly-dolphins and rejuvenate the whole system and grant him the ecstatic sentiment of liberation.

He even hopes that one day he has to regret all the suspicion and apprehension. Everything will be perfectly justified when the sun will shine bright to end the ever long dark night — the current state we are in.

However, should they fail to prove him wrong; they will be forced upon the wrath of a common man, and that shall not be COMMON.