14 journalists V/s editor & management

It’s not often that one gets to see journalists standing up against the editor and the management in these times when jobs are hard to come by. That’s exactly what 14 journalists of the news portal SouthLive Malayalam are up to now.

When their editor, the once respected veteran Sebastian Paul sold his soul and wrote an article defending actor Dileep, accused of hiring goons to sexually assault a female actor, they didn’t have to think twice about where they should stand. His stature and his position did not intimidate them, some of them young journalists at the beginning of their careers.

Despite them marking their dissent out in the open, the editor refused to back down and has now got the management too to toe his line. “Let all of them leave the organisation, if they disagree with my stand” — that’s his line, a line which the management also now parrots. But, even after the management’s pressure, they all have stood strong on their earlier stand.

It’s heartening to see them do this, at the risk of great professional and personal loss, at a time when filthy rich editors up north are licking the feet of fascists and when journalists working for them are behaving like hound dogs of their editor and the ruling party.

Keep the fight alive NK Bhoopesh, Maneesh Narayanan , Sikesh Gopinath, Angel Mary Mathew, Srinsha Ramakrishnan, Nizam Chemmad, C.P.Sathyaraj, Nirmal Sudhakaran, R.Renjima, Ajmal Aaramam, Albin.M.U., Appu George, Nirmala Babu