2016 Kerala assembly elections — polling day

With just a few hours to go for polling, all one can wish for is for the Malayali voters to retain the sensibility that they have displayed till date in keeping at bay the communal Sangh Parivar forces. Giving them the luxury of even one seat out of those 140 in the legislative assembly could just give them the confidence to go in for an even bigger push in the coming days. It’s up to us to kill that confidence at the polling booths tomorrow, the confidence of having executed an unprecedented election campaign, the confidence of having spent hundreds of crores, the confidence of having influenced the minds of devotees across the state by taking control of all the temples and festivals.

As a left supporter, I would not be saddened if the LDF gets five or so seats less than the expected, but it would break many of us if the BJP were to get even one seat in the assembly. We can only hope that even those who are unaware of the intricacies of the Sangh’s Hindutva nation project, would care for their own freedom of choice, to which the Sangh is currently the biggest enemy. Let’s also not forget who they have tied up with here — the foul-mouthed communal crook Vellappally Natesan. Are the “neutrals” really going to vote for a front that he is part of because they are fed up with Congress’s corruption.

In the past one month, if you have been listening to some of the news channels or reading the newspapers, you couldn’t be blamed for believing that the BJP — BDJS combine is finally ready to open their account in Kerala and put up a strong fight in almost every other constituency. Let’s not get carried away by these subtle ploys to make voters feel as if the BJP is capable of winning, a useful ploy in swinging those voters who haven’t voted for them as they didn’t want to vote for candidates who are sure to lose. Despite the increasing number of sanghis in your families and friends circle, they are still not big enough or concentrated enough to swing one in their favour, HOPEFULLY!

Let’s also not forget the UDF. We should make sure that this would be the last week ever for Oommen Chandy in the CM’s chair. Sometime back, I made an attempt to rewind through all the scams that he oversaw through the past five years. The tape is still running backwards. Even if you are voting for that ‘good candidate’ put up by the Congress in your backyard, remember that you are giving the go ahead sign for Chandy and his band of crooks, who have made money out of just about everything in this state. We should also not forget that Chandy and Chennithala have played no small part in the growth of the RSS in the past five years. One more term for Chandy is what the BJP-RSS would wish too, for they can’t even dream of such a conducive atmosphere to spread their wings, under a Left Government.

The one victory that am badly wishing for is that of Jaick C Thomas, LDF’s candidate against Chandy in his hometurf. He is now 27, the age at which Chandy first won Puthuppally, many a decade back. This ugly dangerous brand of politics that he has represented all these years should have its end at the hands of such a promising youth. The one defeat that am badly wishing for is that of C.K.Janu. If she wins under the banner of the anti-tribal, anti-dalit Sangh Parivar, it will be the biggest failure for the great movement in which she played a key part. She should also taste defeat for even shaking hands with Manusmriti Irani. She should lose this one, for Rohit Vemula. The other defeats that Kerala should ensure are that of K.Babu, M.K.Muneer, K.M.Mani, Shreyams Kumar and O.Rajagopal, for one last time.

To those NOTA campaigners, it’s still not too late to rethink. Your not voting will only strengthen the hands of a really bad candidate. Your not voting will only be one less vote against Chandy’s misrule and one less vote against Sangh parivar fascism.

A Left Government might not set right ‘everything’ as their ad campaign claims, but from the past performances we can be sure of a Government that would address the concerns of all sections of the society. The Sangh Parivar and the Celebrity neutrals might tell you that the gains that the state has made in Human Development Indices have nothing to do with the left Governments. They might, in their sheer naivety, attribute it all to Gulf remittances. Anyone who has a basic understanding of our history from the land and educational reforms of the first Communist Government to the strengthening of secular welfare politics in every term and such revolutionary initiatives as Kudumbashree and the people’s plan campaign, would not fall for such misinformation. Let’s also remember that the last LDF Government from 2006 to 2011 had converted 10 loss making public sector units into profit making ones. All of these have been brought to their previous state by Chandy Government. This Government has also played havoc with the public distribution system and even the welfare pensions, both of which we re functioning like clockwork. Keep all this, and everything that I have failed to mention in these hastily typed out post, when you walk to the polling station tomorrow. This is an election unlike any other in our history. A mistake here could prove costly.