A failed ‘Pork fest’ in Kerala

Hanuman Sena, one of the Sangh’s hundreds of front organisations, organised a pork festival today at Kozhikode in Kerala, in protest against the beef festivals being conducted here. No one opposed the festival, which is what the organisers were hoping for, to gain some publicity. And, the problem was that none of the organisers wanted to eat pork. Some of them accepted a plate out of courtesy and were later seen dumping the pork in the dustbin. Much of the pork brought for the festival ended up in the dustbin….what a waste of pork!!

One thing the Sanghis need to realise is that no one has stopped people from eating pork in this country. Also, Muslims do not worship the pig. They simple don’t eat it because they think it is impure. They don’t stop anyone from eating it. It is you have tried to eat yet another of the Dasavatharams — Varaaham, the pig.