A rare saffron-green unity

Today Kerala witnessed the heartening scene of SDPI leaders coming out in support of RSS, after one of the Sanghis confessed to have been part of the group which murdered Muhammed Fasal, a worker of the NDF, the now-defunct cousin of SDPI. In the murder which happened at Thalassery in 2006, the CPI(M) has been at the receiving end of all the suspicion and investigations till now, with two of its leaders Karayi Rajan and Karayi Chandrasekharan being arrested by the CBI. Both have spent quite a few years in jail and are still not allowed to step inside their native district Kannur. They also had to resign from the posts of Kannur district panchayat president and Thalassery municipal chairman.

The script changed last year when RSS worker Subeesh was arrested in the murder of CPI(M) worker K. Mohanan. He confessed that he along with three other RSS activists were behind the killing of Fasal. Today, all Malayalam channels telecasted the visuals of him speaking this on camera.

And wonder who came out defending them? None other than the leaders and workers of the SDPI, who are referred to more popularly as Sudappi, in all their vowelled glory. They maintained that RSS would do no such thing, only the CPI(M) is capable of doing that. This is such a heart-rending moment, of religious extremists of different hues showering support and love on each other. This is a moment worthy of a standing ovation.

For any religious extremist party, the extremist party on the other side is a necessity. For, there is no better way to recruit people to their side than pointing at the “enemy” on the other side. They feed on each other and muscle up with each others’ flesh. Their common enemy would naturally be a secular left party, to which the progressives from their fold will flock, and to which there is a chance of more of them flocking, as soon as some light enters their brains.

So, it’s profitable, in this case, for both sides to join together and point towards the left. Let’s cheer this Saffron-Sudappi unity.