A well-cooked beef story?

It was the kind of story that all those apologists of the saffron cow terrorists were waiting to pounce on. For months, they have been on the defensive, when their fellow party mates from the cow belt mercilessly attacked and murdered at will anyone whom they suspected to be carrying beef. Mostly Muslims or dalits.

For them, this story of a woman, an IT employee, an “animal rights” activist from Bangalore getting attacked by a mob of cow slaughterers was a godsend opportunity. Soon, a false equivalence was drawn between this woman and all those hapless victims of the cow terrorists — from Akhlaq to Junaid to the nameless others. Those “sickulars” who raise their voice for the Akhlaqs won’t speak up for her, they said.

The only problem was that this woman’s version of the story was hardly believable. Worse, her story had all the ingredients of a perfect saffron recipe — “illegal” cow slaughter, mob chanting Jai Pakistan slogans and all of it happening in a Congress ruled state. One of the reports on the incident had the DCP saying that there is another version which contradicts her claims. As per this version, her car had hit a pole in front of shop, which caused damage to the shop. The locals got angry and pelted a few stones at the car, which injured her.

Whichever version be the truth, this false equivalence between this incident and the murderous attacks unleashed by the saffron cow terrorists, should not be left unquestioned. Even believing her version of events — Here is a lady, probably an upper caste vegetarian (most animal rights activists are just that, and nothing more) poking her nose into the affairs of people running slaughterhouses (this being illegal is her claim. Who the hell is she to decide on the legality of slaughterhouses is the first question that the police should have asked her).

By her own accounts, she went in with the intention of getting these slaughterhouses closed down. Those feeling victimised by all the attacks on slaughter businesses across the country, probably defended their turf with a few stone peltings. That’s all there is to it.

There is no bloody way this incident can be equated to the planned attacks by gangs supported by those in power, directed against even people who are inside the safety of their homes. They just need a fig-leaf, after being caught while granting jobs in NTPC to the murderers of Akhlaq. And, this “story” is perfect for that. Sadly, it’s not selling that well.

Update — The guess regarding the lady has turned out to be true. She was indeed lying — https://www.facebook.com/pg/beefjanataparty/videos/?ref=page_internal