ARR is NOT a bollywood musician

The Hindi madness, thanks to the potent propaganda by those in power at the centre, has reached such levels that a large number of “fans” from North India left A.R.Rahman’s concert at the Wembley stadium last week, complaining that he was singing more songs in Tamil than in Hindi. Rahman has been doing concerts in India and overseas since the mid-1990s and this is perhaps for the first time that something of this sorts has been reported. The Hindian morons did not stop there. They went online and have been demanding a refund for being forced to listen songs from another Indian language.

Now, would they demand “Bandooken aur gulaabon” (Guns N Roses) to sing “Meri Pyaari Bachhi” (Sweet child O’ mine) at their concert Or, “Haraa din” (Green Day) to perform “Sithambar samaapth hone se mere ko uthaana” (Wake me up when September ends)?

No, right? This is just a result of the hatred being built against non-Hindi speakers. A direct result of the divide and rule. Going by their logic, we in Kerala will have to demand Rahman to sing the songs from ‘Yodha’ all through the concert, because that’s the only malayalam movie he has composed for.

(Please dont lynch me for errors in the Hindi translations)