Balance, Supreme Court etc.

1. Supreme Court refuses to direct probe against Narendra Modi and others over the Sahara diary and “Rs.55 crores paid to Gujarat CM” as it sees the plea as “meritless”. It predictably went on to cite the Income Tax Settlement Commission, which had conveniently last week, in a hurried ruling, found prima facie that “material recovered from Sahara were fabricated”.

2. Supreme Court sees “no urgency” in a plea to postpone the Union Budget until after the assembly elections to five states, to prevent the BJP Government from influencing voters. Election Commission is yet to say anything.

3. On demonetisation, beyond empty statements on difficulties to the public (which itself seems a miracle), the Supreme Court has slipped away from taking a stand, despite the 150 deaths, thousands of jobs lost, major economic slowdown, and all of that without serving any purpose.

4. The Supreme Court, again, through an order which has been portrayed as the “SC repremanding the Government”, given it an excuse to scrutinise (read terrorise and silence) all the NGOs working in the country.

5. A High Court order yesterday said that Greenpeace activist Priya Pillai will face defamation charges for malinging the name of a mining company by protesting against its illegal mining operations.

6. The Supreme Court on Wednesday said recognised political parties need money to propagate their respective “political regime”, and dismissed a petition seeking to lift “100 per cent tax exemption” granted to them.

7. The Supreme Court, recently made its stand clear on an urgent and burning issue, when it ruled that all cinema theatres should play the national anthem before each film. Thanks to this legal sanction, sanghi thugs today beat up a few film buffs who chose to respect Tagore and the Constitution by sitting during the anthem before a screening at the Chennai International Film Festival. The man who delivered that judgement is tipped to be the next Chief Justice, later this year.


Commenting on the above cases could invite contempt of court proceedings, but it’s enough to just place the court’s own words from recent rulings together like this, to see the emerging pattern. Hope is a good thing, in the time of the fascists, unless you have rested it on the Supreme Court. A complete letdown, is all that the law would allow me to say.