‘Cultural’ leaders against returning awards

Some apologists of the dictatorial regime who were disturbed by the returning of awards by several eminent writers and poets, have now crawled out of the woodwork and released a statement condemning such acts and comparing it to “leaving your parents in old age homes”.

Providing further proof of their utter lack of understanding of the ideals for which these writers stood up for, these sanghi cultural activists says that “Those who do not know value of these awards should have refused it when they were selected for it. This is a gimmick just to remind people that they got such awards long back. Some others are trying to get some attention by relinquishing posts when they are close to retirement. Those who are crying at the destruction of Indian culture pointing at one off incidents at some remote place are double faced.”

Those who signed under the letter include usual suspects like sureshit gopi, major ravi, priyadarshan (the man who made a hero out of hindutva terrorist savarkar), viji thampi etc. Kanayi kunhiraman, who once made nude sculptures for public spaces, is a surprise signatory, though he had been showing signs of senility. Seems like he has forgotten that it was the right wing moralists who wanted to break those sculptures when he made them several decades back. Then there is Akkitham, S. Ramesan nair, Madamb kunjukuttan and a whole host of unknowns. Thank you all for identifying yourself with the loony bunch.

It is in such dark times that the masks come off and the inhumanity hidden behind a thin veil of ‘culture’ shines in all glory. More are waiting in the shadows, silently watching it all, to come out at the opportune moment and grab the awards. Best actor suresh gopi, Best directors major ravi, priyadarshan, Jnanapith winner S. Ramesan Nair and the others, salutes!