Death of an MP

Modi’s inhuman Government goes ahead with the union budget despite the passing away of a person who has been a member of the house for 25 years. E.Ahmed had collapsed in the house yesterday and the Government tried everything to delay the announcement of his death. Even his family was not allowed to go in, until the intervention of the Congress leadership late night. The house should’ve ideally been adjourned today without transacting any business.

“We will respect him tomorrow, after the budget” — This is what the Speaker, behaving like an RSS karyavahak, said today when the opposition asked for an adjournment.

But, compassion and humanity are not something you expect from the evil sanghis. The smiling faces behind Arun jaitley as he forcibly began the budget speech today speaks a lot, about the kind of people that are ruling us today. Ashamed.

There was no hurry for this budget, which should have happened a month later, but was preponed to influence the assembly elections. The UPA had in 2012 postponed the budget in a similar scenario.

PS — The opposition disappoints with a feeble protest which petered out in a minute. They should’ve walked out or created ruckus.