Gauri Lankesh wasn’t a “neutral”. Neutrality is a crime, in these times!

I have always wondered how some people can continue to take a “neutral” position against all political parties, amid this war that has been going on in our country. A bloody war against independent voices, against voices of sanity, against voices which fight day in and day out for our constitutional values. A war waged by those who can’t stand rational thought and free expression, who, if given a chance would cast the constitution to flames. There is one political party and its ideological fountainhead which is different from everyone else, which HAS to be seen as the enemy of this country.

Gauri Lankesh wasn’t a neutral. Neutrality is a luxury available only to the detached ones among us. To be detached in this time of war, when the ones making their voice heard are being gunned down, is certainly a luxury. She wrote. She spoke. And what she said made them uncomfortable enough to file cases against her. When even that didn’t shut her up, they sent their bullets, the same bullets that they have employed ever since 1948, against Gandhi, against Dabholkar, against Pansare, against Kalburgi…

This is not a time to be neutral. Neutrality in these times is a crime, second only to what these fascists are doing. For every voice silenced, a thousand new ones have to rise up. There is only one political position that any sane person living in this country can take — the one opposite to that of the fascists. And while taking that position, we should pay heed to one of the last things that Gauri Lankesh wrote, before she was shot dead — to stop fighting between ourselves. As she said — “We all know our biggest enemy. Can we all please concentrate on that?”