Ghulam Ali, Easwar etc.

Ghulam Ali

“I’m not angry but very hurt. I have always got love in India. The concert was a tribute for Jagjit Singh. He was like a brother to me. Such controversies spoil the sur of music.” — Ghulam Ali.

The Shavasena has demanded the cancellation of the Ghazal maestro’s Bombay concert since he’s a ‘Pakistani’. This is perhaps the first time that we are reminded of the nationalities of Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hassan, Farida Khanum, Iqbal Bano and Abida Parveen. Should’ve shielded our ears and proved our patriotism long back.

Wish the thousands of abusers online took five minutes of their time to listen to one of his songs.

Rahul Easwar

Although one has to struggle hard to hide the glee at hearing the news of Hindutva mercenary Rahul Easwar’s car being smashed, it still has to be made clear that such attacks can in no way be supported. Such reactions do not in any way help in the fight against this government. What difference do we have from the fascists if we resort to such methods? The only way to expose their poisonous ideology is to counter them effectively in debates (like Rajmohan Unnithan’s scathing attack on the other bigot, sasikala teacher two days back) and by organising peaceful protests like the beef festivals.

It’s also a sign of giving the scum more importance than he’s worth.

BJP’s beef businessmen

So, How many other BJP leaders own beef/meat processing units? Raise your hands, please.

What is the current line of defense of the sanghis after all the proof of BJP MLA Sangeet Som being the director of a meat processing company was published? Silence is all that we can hear, as of now.