Modi US picnic musings

Never found much sense in attaching too much importance to national symbols and these seasonal targeting of cricketers, film celebrities and politicians for unintentional ‘disrespect’ towards the national flag by cutting tricolour cakes or by sporting the same on un-bharatiya clothes. Same holds for overzealous ‘tourists’ who gift autographed flags to please their hosts.

But it’s a good thing that ‪#‎ModiDisrespectsTricolor‬ is trending No.1 in Twitter right now. The Sanghis, who are the first to pounce on anyone over all such tricolour non-issues, are for a change getting a taste of how it feels to be on the other side.

Would like to hear what Rahul Easwar, who literally wears his patriotism on his sleeve/shoulder (and a Nazi swastika on his pocket), has to say about this latest tricolour issue.


To give you a sense of proportion on the reception accorded to Modi in US, it is akin to Ravinder Gupta receiving Barack Obama in India. Gupta, who? The Mayor of Delhi. Modi was received by the Mayor of New York.

The media here might be giving breathless coverage, but the visit has not make the front pages of any newspaper in the US.