NJAC, Maoist hunt, Cherian Philip etc.

NJAC Verdict

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s verdict striking down the National Judicial Appointments Commission, the Government won’t be able to bring in gown wearing Ganjendra Chauhans, Y.S.Raos, Mahesh Sharmas and Smriti Iranis to the judiciary. Not that the current judges are all fountains of wisdom and paragons of virtue. Only recently, we have had judges asking why a victim of gang rape did not escape and another one quoting the Manu Smriti and Gita to justify a death sentence and another one calling an upright officer like Sanjiv Bhatt ‘a tool in the hands of rival parties, activists and vested interests’. But, still one does have something to hope for in the likes of Nariman and Kurian Joseph.

Maoist hunt

Yet another ‘exchange of fire’ between the Thunderbolts (kerala’s maoist hunting team) and maoists deep inside the forests, in which both sides spectacularly failed to hit their targets. Please make it a little more believable the next time you cook up a maoist story. You are giving undue credit to those outdated souls trying to sell maoism in Kerala. Even holding a gun is beyond that tribe which survive by writing chetan bhagatish shit like ‘Vasanthathile komarangal’.

Cherian philip reactions

Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s and Pinarayi Vijayan’s support for Cherian Philip’s misogynist comments on Congress women is shameful. Not something you expect to hear from left leaders. This is not how you score points against the Congress. You won’t be gaining any more supporters than you already have by those comments, but at the same time, you stand to lose many. They should have instead set an example for even leaders of other parties by taking a principled stand against Mr. Philip.

But, it’s heartening that leaders like Thomas Issac, Achuthanandan and Brinda Karat have castigated Philip in no uncertain terms. Let’s have more of these voices than the old outdated ones.