Not heroic

While reading through the resignation letter posted by the Repooplick TV Senior Correspondent Shewta Kothari yesterday, there was this one thing which struck me. In that entire letter, her only problem seemed to be her own personal travails in the organisation, after being suspected to be a “mole” planted by Shashi Tharoor in Cowswamy’s kingdom.

She did not have a problem with the channel’s politics. She did not have a problem working for a channel which proudly waves the flag for the fascists. She did not have a problem with its million witch-hunts, and in unleashing such hunts herself, as was revealed in anti-nuclear activist S.P.Udayakumar’s letter to her today (link in comments). She did not have a problem with its hound doggish reporting style. She did not have a problem with the media terrorism practised by the channel.

She had a problem only when the merciless cowswamy machine turned its eye on her. Her problem was purely personal. She would have continued to happily play a part in the witch hunts, if they never turned against her. This is why all this celebration of her resignation letter is problematic. Her letter just needs to be dismissed as the drama of a disgruntled employee. There is nothing political about that resignation. She deserves no mercy. She got only what she deserved.

Anyway, she wouldn’t have joined that organisation at all in the first place, if she had any sense of politics, empathy or humaneness left in her. (Yes. I am judging all the sickos who joined that sick place, knowing fully well what they are going to do, and are still working there)