#NotInMyName and media terrorists

Media terror organisations Times Cow and Repooplick TV are busy finding “Pakistani/ISI” connections to the #NotInMyName movement against Hindutva mob lynchings and beef murders. Not surprising, because Cowswamy and Shavashankar are of the ilk who would even find the Pakistani connections of their fathers, if they question the cow terrorists. The fact that even those who speak up against mass lynchings are now being branded as “anti-national” speaks a lot about the abyss that this country has fallen into in the past three years.

Now, speaking about these two terror organisations, found a few protesters at Thiruvananthapuram speaking to the reporters from these channels, instead of shooing them away with all contempt. Why should we continue to engage and interact with those who would anyway brand you terrorists and hunt for your heads? What would you gain from being nice to those who are coming for your head? Just stop responding to them. Or do what Tharoor and Mani Shankar Iyer did to them. Let them have fun in their saffron echo chambers. Let’s see how long they survive like that. Boycott, in all senses! No mercy.