Patiala court madness and Delhi police

So you think the police force of the nation’s capital is incapable of controlling a handful of violent lawyers? If you still think so, salutes to your innocence. What happened at the Patiala House Court over the past three days is a capsule form of how Modi ran Gujarat over a decade.

The dictator lets out his RSS goons on anyone he deems “anti-national” or “anti-Hindu”. Then he ties up the hands of the police force, which might already be filled with sangh elements who are happy to look on from the side as the lynch mob takes control. Bassi’s Delhi Police has behaved exactly the same way that the Gujarat police behaved during the riots — standing by silently and at times egging on the mob as they kill, plunder and rape.

All through this, the dictator remains silent, just talking/tweeting about unrelated things, being careful to never address the violence unleashed by his mob. Today, despite the Supreme Court order to give all protection for the court proceedings, the Delhi Police stood by as the RSS lawyers thrashed around Kanhaiya Kumar, journalists and other lawyers, while waving flags and singing “Bharat matha ki jai”. The Supreme Court had to send a panel of eminent lawyers to monitor the situation. But they were also showered with the choicest of abuses (Behanchod) and attacked with stones. The advocates, whose photos with Rajnath Singh, Advani and others were splashed around in the newspapers after the first attack, were at the forefront today too. But Delhi Police, fearing Modi’s anger, is yet to touch them.

Arnab Goswami, that deranged hatemonger acting as a journalist, should be held responsible for inciting this mob frenzy with his daily night newshours.

No one expects the bhakts to turn around and criticise Modi now after seeing all this, but the fashionably neutral needs to answer for this, for it is your vote that brought these monsters to power. And for those who get irritated whenever the term Brahmanical is referred, what else do you call a police force which prepares an official report which criminalises students for “eating beef and worshipping demons like Mahishasura”? Yes, it’s been a bloody Brahmanical undemocratic state since 2014, where everyone else has to live in fear of being branded anti-national and attacked by a lynch mob of RSS goons.

We dont want lessons in patriotism ftom the sons and daughters of Godse and Savarkar, which those ruling us certainly are. So are you neutral pieces of shit, who hide their bigotry so well.

Until this bunch is toppled, I will be happy to call myself anti-national. Yes, I am anti-national, and I believe in Mahishasura.