‘Puthan Panam’- Ranjith’s queue-less demonetisation

Just like how Mani Ratnam managed to make a film in Kashmir, without showing a single Kashmiri face or even acknowledging the oppression of the people there in a single frame, Ranjith has managed to make a film on the post-demonetisation scenario without showing a single shot of queues in front of banks. ‘Puthan Panam’ begins almost as a PR film for demonetisation, with sequences of black money hoarders running around like headless chicken, even as Modi’s announcement is played on the TV screens. It also supports the Govt’s view that black money is kept bundled together in the homes of hoarders, under their beds and carpets, despite evidence to the contrary in the past few months. No mention of the travails of the public, except a passing mention of some wedding that had to be postponed.

But then, thankfully, the movie soon drifts away from its demonetisation theme and strays cluelessly into some other territory. And, in these times of the second (induced) cash crunch, it is soon destined to make an exit from the theatres. Though this coming from Ranjith is not a surprise, some level of honesty would not have hurt.

This is why Ranjith did not have a problem with the censors, while a Bengali film on demonetisation, showing the sufferings of the common people, was blocked by them.