RSS Ayudha pooja

RSS celebrates Ayudha Pooja by putting their swords to good use on human flesh. Murders CPI(M) worker in Kannur and takes a violent march to the CPI(M) office in Delhi, to “protest against political violence”.

Meanwhile, those souls who habitually vent their feelings on political violence are nowhere to be seen. Absent also are the television discussions. They seem to have put their ayudhams, their intellects, on pooja.

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Blessed with a glimpse of RSS men in khaki pants, wielding long sticks, walking through the streets of Thiruvananthapuram. Thank you for sparing us the sight of those old, hairy-legged monsters in khaki shorts, who used to crawl out of their holes annually during Durgashtami.

But, it’s worrying that these route marches which used to happen in those Hindutva bylanes of the city have now come to occupy the main road which passes in front of the Secretariat. No doubt, buoyed by the 30,000 votes that a tainted cricketer was able to poll, thanks to crazy casteists (acting is progressives) and the unexpected win in Nemom, aided in no small measure by Congress votes.

Hope this show of thinly-veiled violence will disappear in the next 5 years…But then, it’s too much to hope for, in a city where a large section still bow their heads when the “King” walks through the road and where the airport shuts down for the annual “aaratt”.

(October 10, 2016)