The Goebbelsian lie about deaths of MPs and budget postponement

Yesterday, the Modi Government in an act which went against the democratic spirit of the nation, went ahead with the presentation of the Union Budget, despite requests from the opposition parties and some allies to postpone it, following the passing away of long-time member of the house E.Ahmed. The Government, in its defense, claimed that the budget was not postponed in two previous cases where sitting members passed away.

The PTI put out a story, which was carried prominently by all media houses including The Hindu , The Times of India, India Today, ABP News and all regional dailies, including in Malayalam. 
Quoting the relevant paragraphs — “Sources said the government cited death of minister M B Rana on the Budget day on August 31, 1974. The then Speaker G S Dhillon decided to go ahead with the Budget presentation. Indira Gandhi was the prime minister then.
Also, on April 19, 1954, sitting member Jujhar Pal Sorein passed away on the day of presentation of the Railway Budget, but the House proceedings were held as scheduled.
Sources said that on both occasions, the Lok Sabha met in the morning and was adjourned for a few hours as mark of respect to the departed and the Budget was unveiled in the evening, in line with the schedule.”

Now, there’s something really wrong here, as you can see from the first glance. How would the budget be presented in April and August? Now, even if you missed that basic fact, you would just out of curiosity, google the dates of the Union budgets for these years. So, I did the same…and, this is what I saw. The budget speeches from these years turned up as the FIRST search result, with the dates clearly marked on it.

The Railway budget of 1954 was presented on February 19, 1954.

The Union budget of 1974 was presented on February 28, 1974.

I couldn’t find out the dates of the passing of the MPs mentioned there, on whether atleast their death dates are not a lie.

The BJP knew that no one would care to check the dates and their lie would travel around the world, thus neutralising any criticism against the shameful conduct following E.Ahmed’s death. The RSS had started spreading this propaganda yesterday, right from the morning and some of them commented on my posts too, with these two dates. Wish the news agencies and newspapers were a little more vigilant, atleast in cases where you can fact check at the click of a button. It’s important when the followers of Goebbels are ruling India. Wish all editors took note of this glaring error, printed prominently in their dailies.

Here are the links to the budget speeches, in case you want to make sure