The third facebook ban

Back from yet another ban on my personal facebook profile. This time, graduated to a three day ban, compared to the one day each on two previous occasions. So, for three days, I was allowed to scroll and watch over my timeline like the Big Brother, but without the luxury of reacting to anything. No comments, not even replies to personal messages.

The crime this time too is, not surprisingly, connected to the dictator. I had posted a meme depicting Hitler with a charkha, the reference obviously being to the recent event of the man’s modern-day avatar playing with one, as a kid would with a cycle pedal. Now, there are two scenarios that might have led to this blocking.

1. The ones employed by Suckerberg to analyse offensive content mistook the post as being some kind of neo-nazi propaganda and decided to impose a ban, which means he has employed nincompoops who can’t even differentiate between nazi propaganda and posters using the Nazis and their leader as a warning in contemporary contexts. My previous ban too was for sharing another Hitler meme with similar intentions.

2. Suckerberg and gang are now active supporters of the Sanghi fascist project to cleanse social media of things which are uncomfortable to them.

The same enthusiasm to ban or at least remove the posts is not usually seen from facebook, when complaints are raised about communally charged posts, online abuse against women or even when fake accounts are created in someone’s name to shame them. Waiting for the next ban!

PS — PayTM CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma, in his new found post-demonetisation, Modi-fuelled, filthy richness, boasted at the company’s new year party — “Jo hamare saath nahi hai woh royenge!” (Those who aren’t with us will cry!). Guess all corporate leaders are now active participants in the fascist project.