There goes, the biggest fraud in Indian politics — Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar, the vile old fox, the betrayer, deceives yet again. Resigns Bihar CM post, in preparation to crossing over to the enemy side. The signs were clear from the time he waved his flag for the disastrous demonetisation. Having won this time with the help of secular votes, Nitish is now getting ready to sleep with the communal foxes against whom all of them voted. All that apparently to protect his ‘clean’ image. How much more unclean can a human get? Hope he remembers that he last moved away from BJP to distance himself from Modi, having woken up to his crimes a decade after it was committed. Wishing that this would turn out to be a political suicide for the biggest fraud in Indian politics.

All support to Lalu Prasad Yadav, for being consistent all through, from arresting hate-monger Advani during his Rath Yathra days to now standing up to an even bigger adversary, despite the CBI being let loose on him.