Two journalists who fooled me into admiring them

This is about two journalists I once admired, without realising the purpose for which they were using their profession for.

The first one. It was around the time I started working as a journalist, back in 2013. The UPA was in power then. This hotshot journalist who was working then in the paper in which I am still working in, would every other day break stories on scams related to the ruling party. I remember poring over pages and pages of in-depth coverage of 2G scam, Vadra land deals, Hooda land deal and several other cases. I admired her then for so courageously speaking truth to power, day in and day out. She quit the paper a couple of years back and I had forgotten about her until last week, when I happened to recollect one of her articles and wondered what she is up to now. I googled and landed up on her twitter profile. I was in for much disappointment as I scrolled down her timeline. She was still targetting the Gandhis, three years after they have lost power, as is the habit of many journalist slaves who have sold their souls to the sangh devils. Tweets of blind praise for the current Government and contempt for those who dared to question it too appeared. There were retweets of even people like Tejinder Singh Bagga and Subramaniam Swamy. The only breaks were tweet after tweet of shallow spirituality, confirming my theory that spirituality is a seemingly harmless portal to bigotry.

The second one. This one, I have had no experience of following during her heydays in the latter half of 1980s, when she shook the Government in power with her groundbreaking exposes, which reverberated in Indian polity even many years later. My admiration comes from reading her stories and stories about her many years later. But, few years back, I started following her on twitter and I realised that, maybe, she was not afterall the great journalist that I imagined her to be. That unsure assessment was confirmed a few weeks back when she joined a ruling party-funded propaganda channel as its consultant.

Thus came crashing down my admiration for those two journalists. They confirmed my impression that there were quite a few individual sleeper cells of the Sangh in all walks of life, especially in journalism. As journalists of talent, they could go on exposing the Government in power, until they contributed in laying the ground for their secretive organisation to grab power. And once their organisation was in power, they would cease to be honest to their professions and be cheerleaders of their favourite fascists.

The fun part is that both of them, even though their journalism careers are decades apart, are seemingly close to Subramaniam Swamy, who probably was the source of their groundbreaking stories.

I am not taking names because names don’t matter here. I am just doffing my hat to these two deceptive souls for having fooled me into once respecting them. Now I only have some contempt to spare.