Vyapam Scam: The MP Pride defence

After being cornered in the Vyapam scam, Madhya pradesh CM Shivraj singh chauhan has used the oldest trick in the sanghi bag. Turn it into an issue of ‘Madhya Pradesh pride’. He says all these allegations has ended up insulting the state’s image and opponents are picturising it as a land of murderers.

Thirteen years back, another Sanghi, the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had said that all the reports of mass murders in his state are aimed at hurting ‘Gujarati asmita’ (Gujarati pride).

Similarly, whenever the BJP or RSS is under attack for one or the other of their wrongdoings, even the lower level supporters picturise it as an attack on Hinduism, Hindu pride and the nation

Playing on feelings of such misplaced community pride and imagined hurt to that pride, the sangh and its followers have always deftly slid away from adversities. And, then gone one to audaciously use the same to play more divisive politics and garner votes.

What they effectively mean is- “Dont report these silly murders lest it hurt our community pride”.