When Malayalam media sucks up to the Sangh

Asianet owner Rajeev Chandrasekhar being given the charge of the NDA in Kerala and Mathrubhumi Managing Editor P.V.Chandran’s temple visits with Amit Shah were not coincidences, as is now clearly evident from the ‘reporting’ in these channels over the past two days. The brutal murder of a CPI(M) worker by BJP-RSS workers yesterday in the CM’s constituency was reported in a mere three lines at the end of the 30-minute news bulletins yesterday. Today, the murder of a BJP worker at the same place gets a place in the headline, frequent news flashes and lengthy reports from the ground, in both these channels. In addition, today’s news has also got much play in the national channels, be it in the Cowswami one or the other ones owned by Ambani, stressing the fact that this happened in the CM’s constituency and by not mentioning the murder which happened yesterday.

This is exactly how the Sangh has planned it and retaliatory murders will only play out to their advantage, with all the media groups now either eating out of their hands or being forced to do so. Dealing with them strictly using all legal measures is the only way forward.

Congress leaders, who were all silent yesterday, have also woken up to play their parts in the sangh’s script. Hope they would also answer for the 25 CPI(M) workers murdered during their 5-year tenure.

The BJP has also declared a state-wide hartal tomorrow, which will increase the state’s productivity by several notches, according to the innocent neutrals. Last week, they had called a hartal in Thiruvananthapuram, over the death of a youth in an ongoing tussle between two prominent gangs. Waiting for the discussions on political violence in Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s, P.V.Chandran’s and all other channels sold-out to the sangh. Hope the anchors, reporters and editors can conjure up enough courage to hide the shame of their owners sucking up to powerful communal and terrorist forces.