Why so cow-belty, Malayalam channels?

Seriously? Are the Malayalam news channels spending an hour discussing the slaughter of ONE buffalo by Youth Congress activists? So much of over-reaction and willful diversion of the real issue — the Central Government’s fascistic beef ban, which is aimed at controlling the food habits of crores of Indians to impose Brahmanical vegetarianism, and which destroys the livelihood of several more crores.

Wish they had spent half this time for manslaughter in the name of cow. The overzealous Youth congies were surely not being very clever with that open display of buffalo slaughter, but it’s not an issue that needs to be discussed, least of all in beef-eating Kerala. The intentions of those who are organising these discussions in their channels are questionable.

Money talking?

PS — Not forgetting the brave discussions and half hour programmes by a few anchors, who have always maintained a consistent stand.