Why such a journalist union?

The Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) organised a protest rally today in front of the Secretariat in Thiruvananthapuram demanding action against the RSS lawyer goons who attacked journalists at Patiala House Court. There was much criticism over the past two days over the silence of the union and the Press Club even after two reporters from the state were beaten up at the court.

Anyway, after much delay, when the protest happened, hardly 20 journalists turned up. This, when the number of big and small media organisations here could easily touch 100. I have heard of how city journalists in large numbers turn up for two mega annual events of the press club — the new year eve party (with food and drinks invariably sponsored by real estate giants) and the kudumbasangamam.

But, only a handful of them were ready to stand up and protest when one from their tribe was attacked, and when the country itself is under attack from Hindutva extremists. And, that too after much prodding. If you can’t stand up or won’t care to stand up for those among you, how will you stand up for others?