Miracle of the Cell: The Key to Health and Longevity — I

All off infinity is involved in the expression of a single cell and once it exists, all the Wisdom implicit in infinity informs its very existence. It came into being, after all, to survive and to explore and to grow, and to become the foundation through which Love implicit, Wisdom implicit, Power implicit all become explicit.

The cell that seems ordinary is extraordinary. The processes that support its existence that seems ordinary are extraordinary. The trillions of transactions to support the existence of one, minute time-space contraption expressed as a cell that seems extraordinary, is ordinary.

If one were able to project one’s consciousness into a cell, one would discover there a mask of infinity, and come face-to-face with God.

This extraordinariness expressed as the seemingly ordinary is the key to health. Immortality swings on a realization that it is nothing other than the infinite that is behind every minute, seemingly unexceptional, finite. The cell is the structure by which Infinity implicit becomes Infinity explicit.

Healthcare, Medicine, Medical Technology must move in the direction of uncovering, and allowing the Wisdom implicit, to become Health explicit. The miracle of the cell, with all the powers behind and within it, must be allowed to persist.