On a very deep level, we all desire the experience of both freedom and connection. The inherent restrictions of the monogamous paradigm has left most people believing that they must choose one or the other. Polyamory opens the door to having both of these experiences, but only if we’re willing to do a lot of work on ourselves.
How To Do Polyamory Without Drama
Chris (Mystic Life)


This bit here. . . I think this is the heart of your argument in this piece. You really did a nice job of framing a complex set of competing priorities and distilling it down to the basics.

The freedom to truly experience life and the connection necessary to have someone you can go home to tell all about it.

I just realized this is something you wrote near two years ago. I’m pretty much a newbie in poly and still trying to find my way so I appreciate being able to find good ideas like this to incorporate into my own nascent worldview.

Thanks again.


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